Life at 24 Months

At 24 months, when writing this site, Mr. T had reached the ‘maintenance’ stage of keeping normal skin on his body as opposed to the initial stage which involved getting rid of infections, all detergents and allergens.

Needless to say, if he gets exposed to food he is allergic to then the situation is still as serious as it ever was, but in terms of detergent he is definitely getting less sensitive as his skin gets thicker and healthier, and his whole system is getting stronger from not fighting off his triggers constantly. He can now come shopping with me for a few hours and his hands may get itchy and his eye lids may go red by the end, but his cheeks don’t crack and weep anymore and he doesn’t turn into an itchy mess from being in public. As a safety measure for both him and for keeping our house detergent free still we always give him a bath or shower if he has been in town or with friends. (update: At age 3, even this was not necessary anymore as his sensitivity to detergent triggers lessens. I now give him an extra bath if he reacts to detergent while outside the home, but not unless this happens)

Some people may think we are crazy doing all this work when doctors here don’t see detergents or intestinal issues as the cause of eczema as mainstream but don’t we all have to move on and learn more at some point? We weren’t willing to sit back and just cover our son in more chemicals for a temporary solution, we were willing to go all the way and do everything we possibly could to help him get better. I could see what works for him, and if getting rid of detergent and getting alternative remedies was what did it, then that’s what we did. Some people may say ‘Oh well hasn’t he just grown out of it, like predicted?’, well no, because if we had left Mr. T in the state he was in and only masked his symptoms then his body would have been sick and inflamed under the surface with a compromised immune system as opposed to healthy and happy without continuous medication. In the process we as a family also educated ourselves. Knowledge is power to take action for your own health and safety. 

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