Holistic & Mainstream Therapies

For eczema diagnosis & treatments we underwent please have a look at the ‘The beginning’ tab. If you would however like to see what alternative therapies we tried to further combat Mr. T’s allergies and eczema here is a list, and what we thought of the results. Please bear in mind these results are only personal to ourselves, other people may have other experiences.

  • Cranio Sacral Therapy 

A light touch therapy said to be very helpful in ailments in babies. Personally, we saw more of a positive effect with ourselves receiving this therapy as adults than with Mr. T. No change to his skin or other conditions. 

  • Osteopath

I had heard that with difficult births such as mine with Mr. T, who was born like a star gazing superman…one arm forward, facing up, that the babys diaphragm isn’t properly stretched while coming through the birth canal, resulting in refluxy babies. We never got round to trying this form of therapy as we discovered his vomiting and reflux was due to his milk allergy but it may be an idea if a milk allergy is not at play. 

  • Homeopathy

Our family sees a trusted, experienced homeopath and previously he has helped us out with various health issues. In Mr. T’s case unfortunately we were unable to make real progress through this route, although one thing that did help majorly for both Mr. T’s sores and also in the healing process of my own body postpartum was some lanolin based homeopathic cream that I got from him. It is now a staple in our homeopathic medicine box for any skin irritations or cuts. 

Contact: Tom Farrington

Note: If you have a child with a dairy allergy or one that is lactose intolerant you have to ask for special homeopathic remedies containing no dairy or lactose. Even Teetha, which is widely used as a pain relief for teething has lactose in it. 

  • Food intolerance testing & kinesiology

While we were on the waiting list to get Mr. T’s allergy tests done in the hospital we decided to see a kinesiologist that was also trained in naturopathic medicine and food intolerance testing to see if she could shed some more light on his allergies. She did prove us right in all we already knew about his allergies, and recommended herbal & homeopathic remedies to help him but we decided to keep her advice in mind and keep seeing our initial herbalist instead, see below. If we hadn’t already known about eczema safe foods etc then her advice would have been very beneficial. 

Contact: Fiona Griffin

  • Acupressure

We also took Mr. T to an acupuncturist that was recommended to us by several people and that has a 90% success rate with eczema in babies. He practices the old type of acupuncture and looks at birth charts aswell. With someone Mr. T’s age, he doesn’t use needles, he uses acupressure. Since going to see him Mr. T was able to sleep at night again. Previous to that he never slept at night except for short naps due to being so itchy and irritated. Needless to say we didn’t sleep either so the acupressure was a godsend! 

Contact: David Hounsome, Stems & Branches Acupuncture, The Old Mill, Drimoleague, County Cork, Ireland.

  • Herbalist

We started taking Mr. T to a herbalist regularily for over a year and saw great progress. When we started seeing her he had sores on his cheeks, hands, elbows and the bottom of his ear lobes bled from time to time, but with regular treatment and tinctures these cleared provided his home environment stayed detergent free. The herbal medicines we were given also helped boost his immune system, healing him from the inside out and calming down inflammation that occured due to allergens, fighting infections, and eczema triggers. 


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